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Breast Reduction Operation Details Istanbul Turkey

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What Is Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

Breast reduction aesthetics is the reduction and lightening of larger breasts compared to your body structure with the surgical operation and resizes them as proportional to your body. It is an aesthetic operation and should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. For breast reduction, you should prefer a surgeon who is an expert in the plastic surgery field. Large breasts are also heavy and carrying these breasts causes posture disorders and even psychological problems over time. Therefore, you can have a more comfortable life with a correct aesthetic operation to be applied at an earlier age.

Breast reduction, which should be known as a reconstructive plastic surgery operation, is applied in many clinics and hospitals in Istanbul. However, a specialist doctor and an experienced clinic or hospital should be preferred for the operation process.

Why Is Breast Reduction Aesthetics Performed?

Breast reduction aesthetics aims to eliminate the complaints of the patient and to obtain breasts of equal size and form, symmetrical, and lighter. Large and heavy breasts also cause posture disorders, back pain, sagging and psychological problems over time. All these reduce your life quality and lead to some problems in social life. It is possible to get rid of these problems with breast reduction aesthetics which is done at the most appropriate time.

Everyone knows which doctors should be preferred to have a breast reduction operation. It is definitely recommended to choose an experienced aesthetic surgeon who is an expert in the field and competent in anatomy.

Who Are Suitable for Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

We recommend breast reduction aesthetics for those who have completed their body development. That is, the period after the age of 18 will be the ideal time for young girls to have surgery. The earlier this aesthetic operation is performed, the problems to be experienced in the following years will be prevented in advance. In addition, you should talk to your doctor in detail before the breast reduction operation and you should get answers to all the questions in your mind. Preliminary examinations are very important. Your general health condition must be well enough to undergo this surgery. If you are considering pregnancy after the operation, you should have this surgery after birth and breastfeeding period. That is because you may experience problems in your milk ducts.

During the examination at the first consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should reach a consensus between your expectations from this surgery and the recommendations your doctor will give you in accordance with your anatomy. Asymmetry disorder in the breasts is also corrected with breast reduction operation. After a successful breast reduction surgery, you will gain your self-confidence and live much satisfied with your body.

What Are the Types of Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

Breast reduction surgery is performed by removing the fat tissue in the skin and breast. Breast reduction is carried out under general anesthesia.

Surgery is performed using one of the lollipop incision or inverted T incision methods. Operations are completed within 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the type. In order to decide operation type; special parameters such as breast size, the position of the nipple according to the breast fold, breast tissue, skin structure, distance between nipple and shoulder, and hip are evaluated. These are important information that should be taken before surgery.

  • In the lollipop incision method, the circumference of the nipple is incised circularly. Excess breast tissue and skin tissue are removed. The nipple can be moved upwards when necessary, considering the breast structure of the patient.
  • In the inverted T incision method, an incision in the shape of inverted T is made on the lower part of the breast. After the excess breast tissue and skin are removed, the procedure is terminated as in the lollipop type incision method.

The patient is followed up for one night at the hospital after the breast reduction surgery and discharged on the next day.

Operation Period

Breast reduction surgery is a reconstructive surgical operation. Therefore, it is performed under general anesthesia. For this surgery, the breast reduction surgery technique that will be determined according to your structure, the appropriate tissue amount to be removed from the breast, the age of the patient, and whether she wants to have a baby in a later period should be determined and planned accordingly.

If you are planning to have a baby, surgery is performed in a way to preserve the connection between the nipple and mammary gland. However, it may be necessary to intervene in the mammary glands in order to reduce the size of very large breasts. In such cases, you should be informed before surgery.

Recovery Period

During the recovery period after the operation, you should take all medications prescribed by your doctor regularly. You should definitely consult your doctor before taking any other medication. If you are already using any other medicine, you should definitely inform your doctor beforehand. You should consider and follow all the recommendations that your doctor will give you.

You can return to your social life under normal conditions within 3-4 days after the aesthetic operation. However, you should stay away from intense exercise and heavy work for about 1 month. After being examined and checked by your doctor, you can resume doing sports under appropriate conditions in accordance with the recommendations of your doctor. Healthy nutrition is very important in the recovery period. Your recovery process must stay away from smoking and alcohol consumption.

What Are the Risks?

There are some risks of breast reduction aesthetics as in every operation.

  • Bleeding: It can be seen during or after the operation. It is very rare. Drains used after the surgery are both used to monitor whether there is bleeding and to prevent blood collection in breast tissue.
  • Infection: After all, it is an operation that is done with incisions and there is a risk of infection. Although post-operative breast inflammation is so rare, it is a risk that can be intervened with appropriate antibiotic treatment.
  • The decrease in nipple and skin sensitivity: There may be a decrease in the sensitivity of these areas. However, this situation is temporary. Considering that nerves are incised in the operation, this is normal and will go away over time.
  • Scars: There is a possibility of scarring after each surgical procedure. In some cases, scars are not noticeable, but in some patients, they may be more prominent. However, an evaluation is made during the operation to avoid any scars.
  • Pain: Your neck, back, and shoulder pain may continue for a while after breast reduction surgery. This pain is relieved with painkillers and goes away after surgery.
  • Stiffness in the breast: Stiffness can rarely be seen in the breast tissue. This is a situation that cannot be predicted in advance.

Age Restriction

In order to undergo breast reduction surgery, anatomical development must be completed. Therefore, women over the age of 18 should have this surgery. In cases with serious risks at younger ages, a special evaluation may be required, and surgery may be considered.

Prices of Breast Reduction Aesthetics

In aesthetic operations, pricing will be different for everyone since there will be special planning for each patient. It is also the same for breast reduction prices. You should call us and make an appointment for consultation that will allow us to get detailed information about you. This is how we can inform you about prices. In addition, pricing published on the internet is prohibited by the Ministry of Health. For the most accurate pricing of breast reduction aesthetics, you can get detailed information by calling us.

What are the different types of mammoplasty?

Breast reduction in Istanbul, or mammoplasty in Istanbul, is a plastic surgery that involves removing part of the gland and skin, and, if necessary, reducing the nipple areola. Depending on the indications, as well as on the surgeon’s experience, different techniques can be used during mammoplasty in Turkey. The most frequently used methods include: Lejour (vertical scars remain), Benelli (scars appear around the areola of the nipple), McKissok (scars resemble an inverted letter “T”), Hall-Findley (vertical scar). During the consultation before mammoplasty in Istanbul, the surgeon and the patient choose the method which will be used.

Is mammoplasty the same as breast reduction?

Breast reduction in Turkey is also known as mammoplasty In Turkey, is a plastic surgery that involves removing part of the gland and skin, and, if necessary, reducing the nipple areola. The aim of mammoplasty in Istanbul is not only to achieve an aesthetic effect, but also to noticeably improve the patient’s quality of life by eliminating the cause of health ailments, such as, for example, back pain. The necessity to reduce the breasts may also be determined by health reasons, e.g. ailments resulting from overloading the spine – accompanying symptoms are usually: neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and sometimes also headaches.

What is difference between mammoplasty and mastopexy?

The main goal of mammoplasty in Istanbul is to reduce the breasts by removing excess skin and tissue, while mastopexy in Istanbul adjusts the volume of the breasts regardless of their size or shape. However, both of these procedures, mammoplasty in Turkey and mastopexy in Turkey, share the techniques of tissue excision and skin incision patterns, with the main difference being the amount of breast tissue removed. Therefore, mammoplasty in Istanbul is essentially the same procedure as mastopexy in Istanbul, but is only performed on patients with excessively large breasts.

Is mammoplasty reconstructive surgery?

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is technically referred to as mammoplasty in Turkey. This treatment consists in reducing the bust by removing a part of the gland, remodeling it and removing excess fat tissue. This solution is for women with large and heavy breasts. Mammoplasty is not the same as breast reconstruction. It is a totally opposite procedure. During the mammoplasty in Istanbul, the patient’s breasts will be reduced by at least a few sizes. Thanks to mammoplasty in Turkey, patients do not feel uncomfortable back pain and their body posture improves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Breast reduction?

During breast reduction surgery in Istanbul the fatty tissue of the part of the mammary gland is reduced and excess skin and subcutaneous tissue are removed. The remaining part is shaped so that the breast becomes firmer and higher situated. Depending on the method of breast reduction in Turkey, the incision and scar are around the areola and vertically from the areola to the furrow under the breast, or the so-called inverted T, i.e. around the areola, vertically and in a fold.

How much does a breast reduction cost in Istanbul?

The price list for all aesthetic breast surgery in Turkey is different. The pricing is made taking into account many details such as your wishes, the methods and techniques to be used, the materials used and the silicone materials to be placed in the case of breast augmentation. For this reason, we recommend that you examine and speak with your doctor first. Prices for silicone dentures vary depending on the currency, production and quality of the materials that will be used. Please feel free to contact us for questions and details.

Is it safe to have a breast reduction in Turkey?

Of course it’s safe to have breast aesthetics surgery in Turkey, including breast reduction surgery in Istanbul. Turkish doctors are very well qualified and the hospitals where breast lifting operations in Istanbul are performed at the highest level. Hospitals are often compared by our patients, who fly in from abroad, to five-star hotels. Istanbul is a city adapted to medical tourism. Many people choose this city to change their appearance.

Why Is Breast Reduction Surgery Cheap In Turkey?

Compared to most European countries, the cost of cosmetic breast surgery in Turkey, icludes breast reduction in Istanbul, is lower. In addition, doctors have extensive experience and skills necessary for a flawless performance of the procedure. The worlds of glamor and entertainment are full of celebrities who enlarge their breasts in Istanbul, Turkey. Breast aesthetics surgery is cheaper in Turkey, because many of the equipment and tools that will be maintained during the procedure are manufactured in the country.

How long does breast reduction take in Turkey?

You should stay in Istanbul, Turkey for at least 8 days. Istanbul breast reduction surgery will take approximately 3 hours, but you must see your doctor two days before breast reduction surgery. It is very important to consult a surgeon and your doctor will send you a blood test which is needed before breast reduction surgery in Turkey. After breast reduction surgery you will have to stay in Istanbul for about 6 days. On the fourth day after the surgery, your surgeon will check you.

Who Can Have Breast reduction Turkey?

If the breasts are not in the shape you want, it can cause psychological problems such as embarrassment, lack of confidence, difficulty choosing clothes, and even depression. There may also be physical problems such as postural disturbances, hernias in the neck and waist, and numbness in the arms due to nerve compression in the hands and arms. The most effective and durable method of overcoming these problems is the aesthetics of the breast in Istanbul. Having larger breasts due to structural or developmental factors is an unpleasant situation that negatively affects a person’s quality of life and causes psychological problems.

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Bülent Kıymet
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Aysel Tosun
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I Am (IlyaFallUp)
Not reasonable prices
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Dejb Ddlj
Opération 10/05/2023 Il est le meilleur chirurgien: professionnel, aimable et surtout très humain! Merci Dr Evren Tevfik Sarah N
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H***** E**
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