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Face Lift Operation Details Istanbul Turkey

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What Is Face Lift Aesthetics?


Facelift aesthetic surgery, known as rhytidectomy in the medical field, is a surgical method in which wrinkles on the face and sagging are eliminated aesthetically by stretching and suspension methods.

Problems which occur in the face over time can be disturbing. Although it differs in intensity depending on genetic and environmental factors, it may be necessary to intervene when it becomes visible to everyone.

Due to the aging effects, wrinkles, age spots and sagging occur on our skin. An unhealthy diet, irregular sleep, inactivity, smoking, alcohol, stress accelerate the emergence of these problems.


Facial problems due to aging effects:


  • Sagging and dropping of eyelids
  • Deep wrinkles around eyes
  • Under-eye bruises and bags
  • Deep and prominent forehead lines
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Deep lines around the nose
  • Lines at the edge of lips
  • Sagging of cheeks
  • Sagging under the chin
  • Wrinkles and sagging around the neck area

All of these problems can be corrected with facelift aesthetics. Facelift is applied in many clinics and hospitals in Istanbul, but you should contact a reliable and experienced aesthetic surgeon because it is an important operation. The best facelift surgeon in Istanbul is the most correct doctor for you. Everyone’s expectations and needs are different, the important thing is to find the doctor who can understand and realize these.


Why Is Facelift Performed?

Medical procedures other than aesthetic surgery are much more preferred until a certain time. Botox, fillers, radiofrequency, and laser devices are used in many clinics for facial problems that occur at an early age. However, after the age of 40 or even 50, problems progressing significantly in the face and even in the neck area cannot be corrected with simple procedures other than aesthetic surgeries. At this stage, facelift surgery is required. Especially skin loosening in the jawline and neck area, skin folds in front of the ear are disturbing. These problems can only be corrected by facelift.


Who Are Suitable for Facelift?

Wrinkles and sagging problems in the face and neck area can be seen in both women and men with aging. Gender does not matter; this surgery can be applied to anyone.

Facelift surgery is generally preferred by people over the age of 40. However, people who evaluate the genetic condition, skin structure, nutrition, and other factors well may not have problems until the age of 50. Aesthetic interventions that are made at an earlier period provide a more natural appearance. However, in some cases, this type of plastic surgery operation can be applied to younger people. Along with the facelift surgery, other aesthetic surgeries such as the nose, eyelid, forehead lift, eyebrow lift can also be combined.



What Are the Types of Facelift?

Although the application is the same there are two different types of facelift.


  • Classic Facelift: As can be understood from its name, it is a comprehensive surgery that can be applied to the whole face and can even be combined with other aesthetic surgeries. It is applied by lifting the whole face skin and successful results are obtained.
  • Mini Facelift: If there is not much loosening and sagging in the face or neck area, we prefer this type of facelift at earlier ages. This method is mostly preferred for a quicker recovery period, but your doctor’s decision is important while deciding on the facelift type.

Operation Period

For facelift aesthetics, you should stop taking medications and vitamins such as aspirin and vitamin E for a certain period recommended by your doctor before surgery, because they increase the bleeding risk during surgery. Do not consume herbal teas for a while. You should especially stay away from smoking and alcohol. Smoking slows down the healing process after facelift surgery. You should stop smoking at least 3 weeks before surgery.

Operation starts with a surgical incision starting from the scalp above ear and going down in front of ear and progressing until the scalp behind ear, and face skin is lifted. Sagging facial muscles and soft tissues are suspended with special stitches. The excess skin is removed. Therefore, skin sagging in the temples, cheeks and chin area is corrected.

Facelift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Facelift can also be combined with eyelid aesthetics and neck lift aesthetics. For this reason, operation duration may be different for each person. Operations generally last for 4 to 7 hours.

Recovery Period

There may be a general swelling and bruising on the face after facelift surgery. It is also natural to feel numbness and tightness. Some facial nerves can be affected by anesthesia, so there may be mild asymmetries on the face. This turns normal on its own within 3-5 days.

After facelift surgery, dressing is done on the whole face but only the eyes, nose and mouth stay open. These dressings are opened about 2-3 days later, when appropriate, during the postoperative controls. After some surgeries, a drain can be inserted to prevent fluid accumulation in the tissue. Drains are removed after 2 days at the latest. If dissolvable stitches are not used, they are removed within 1 week.

You can stand up and do your simple routine works at home since the 2nd day after operation. You can return to work after stitches are removed and swelling disappears.

You should avoid heavy exercises, intense sun lights and facial procedures for a few months after facelift operation.

What Are the Risks?

The possibility of serious bleeding after facelift aesthetics is very low. However, there may be a problem with small blood accumulation, which is called a hematoma. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to prevent fluid accumulation under the skin by using “drains”.


Infection is also a rare complication which might be seen after this operation. Problems are generally caused by smoking. If you are smoking and have not stopped at the recommended time or if you have immediately started smoking after the surgery, you may feel a loss of sense on the skin. During this surgery, the skin is raised as a thin later and it is assumed that internal blood circulation is sufficient to feed the skin. At this stage, smoking habits congest capillary vessels and destroys this assumption. If the skin does not receive enough blood circulation, it starts to get purple and black color starting near the ear where the blood reaches with the most difficulty. It means that recovery will be delayed in this area and there will be scars.

Numbness on the scalp and hair loss is seen so rarely. However, the shedding hair will grow again and sensation loss will disappear after a while.

Age Restriction

Contrary to popular belief, facelift operations are not performed only for those aged 40-50 years and older. It can also be performed to people who experience problems in their faces at an early age.

Factors such as gravity, smoking, exposure to excessive sunlight, excessive weight gain, and loss cause aging on the face. Looking from the outside, a person’s face looks sagged and worn out. This situation changes according to the skin structure, living conditions, and genetic structure. All of these are treated with facelift surgery. In today’s conditions, these problems can occur even at the age of 30. Therefore, the evaluation is made according to the patient’s skin and tissues, not the age.

Prices of Facelift Surgery

Prices of facelift surgery have been updated in 2020. We use the most quality equipment, medicines, and materials. Therefore, if you want to get price information about the operation, you should be examined and pricing should be issued accordingly.

You should call us to get detailed price information for facelift aesthetics in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Face Lift Surgery?

Face lifting in Istanbul is a plastic surgery that can radically change your appearance and rejuvenate you by up to 10-15 years. With age, the facial tissues become slack and sagging. In the initial period, these symptoms can be successfully corrected with the use of minimally invasive methods of aesthetic medicine, such as facial treatments with hyaluronic acid, laser treatments or with the use of ultrasound. If the aging of the facial area is more advanced, it may require surgical intervention to remove excess skin.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

The face lift in Istanbul is performed under general anesthesia and lasts up to 6 hours. Surgical cuts are hidden along the hairline or in the natural folds and curves of the skin. They run in sequence: on the temple, in front of and behind the ear, and then descend towards the neck in the occipital area. The plastic surgeon performing the procedure gently separates the skin and subcutaneous tissue from the underlying muscles and fascia, while avoiding damage to the vessels and nerves running in the operated area. At the border of surgical cuts, excess skin is removed. The surgical procedure ends with suturing the subcutaneous tissue and skin, as well as postoperative dressings.

Who Is A Face Lift Suitable For?

You should be aware that a face lift in Istanbul is a procedure that removes excess skin and restores its tension and firmness. It does not get rid of excess facial fat. The procedure can be performed on almost anyone who wants to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of skin aging. It is difficult to predict the ideal age to undergo a face lift in Turkey, because the pace of the skin aging process and its intensity depend on individual predispositions and differ. The decision to perform the procedure is most often made at the time of the greatest intensification of symptoms. For example, statistically speaking, most women decide to undergo surgery around the age of 40.

Why You Should Perform Face Lift Surgery in istanbul Turkey

Turkey is a very attractive holiday destination. Many people who visit this country, in particular Istanbul, decide to change something in their appearance. Doctors in Istanbul are very well qualified and experienced in the plastic and aesthetic surgery sector. Brazilian Butt Lift in Istanbul is very often chosen by ladies who fly to this city for tourism. Very often the price offered by Turkish hospitals is lower than that offered by hospitals in other European countries.

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Bülent Kıymet
Bülent Kıymet
Mukemmel ilgili, bilgili ve deneyimli bi doktor. Meme buyutme ve liposuctionda bir numara. Cok memnunum iyi ki evren bey i tercih etmisim, ekibi de ilgili ve cana yakın bir ekip.
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Ilayda Bastug
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Aysel Sahin
Der Beste Arzt den ich in Istanbul kenne. Vor 2 Jahren hatte ich meine Bauchdeckenstraffung, Lipo und Double chin bei Ihm machen lassen. War die beste entscheidung meines lebens. Er hat mich nach der OP auch lange begleitet das Kankenhaus und sein Personal er selber natürlich auch sehr nett und gefühlvolle Menschen. Vielen Dank Dr. Evren Tevfik Isci
Sudenur Ak
Sudenur Ak
Evren beyle 6 ay önce bir ameliyat süreci geçirdik. Güler yüzü ve işini iyi yapması dolayısıyla çok memnun kaldım. Gönül rahatlığıyla gidebilirsiniz asla pişman olmayacağınız bir doktor 💫💫
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Olena Celik
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Aysel Tosun
Aysel Tosun
Ich habe Doktor Evren in Google ausgesucht und habe eine sehr gute Auswahl getroffen, ich habe H100 und Nasolabial Unterspritzung machen lassen ,er hat Federhände /Finger ,ich habe kein Schmerz gefühlt. Einfach Sensational! Außerdem sind alle Mitarbeiter +Doktor sehr freundlich und Hilfsbereit.
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
Not reasonable prices
Dejb Ddlj
Dejb Ddlj
Opération 10/05/2023 Il est le meilleur chirurgien: professionnel, aimable et surtout très humain! Merci Dr Evren Tevfik Sarah N
H***** E**
H***** E**
2 ay önce meme büyütme estetiği yaptırdım. Evren beyin tecrübesi ve bilgisi sayesinde çok kısa sürede toparlandım. Ağrılarım yok denecek kadar azdı ve sonuçtan çok memnun kaldım kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum.

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