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Hair Transplant Operation Details Istanbul Turkey

7 Days


4-8 Hours

Local Anesthetic Cream

2-3 Weeks

5th Day

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What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a medical aesthetic procedure applied to people who begin to have hair loss as a result of the weakening of hair follicles over time. It is to ensure hair growth by transplanting hair follicles to the balding areas. It can be applied to both men and women

Why Is Hair Transplant Performed?

In order to perform hair transplantation aesthetics, we first examine our patients thoroughly. Because by determining the main problem that causes hair loss, we can reach a definite result with supportive treatments to be applied together with hair procedures. Hair loss may occur due to stress, hormonal and genetic reasons, or hair loss may occur in people who need special treatment due to an injury or severe disease over time. The transplant method achieves successful results not only for hair loss on the scalp but also for all hairy areas such as eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

Who Are Suitable for Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation can be applied to both men and women. Hair loss may occur in women, though not as much as men. This may have the same reasons as in men, but surely, hormonal changes, metabolic disorders that negatively affect hormones (such as thyroid, diabetes), and menopause are much more important factors.

Basically, hair transplantation is a suitable procedure for hairless areas. There may be different situations for each patient, and the methods may vary accordingly. The results of hair loss treatments made after finding the main reason are also much more successful.

Hair Transplantation can also be performed in patients who experience hair loss due to genetic factors only. Hair follicles in the nape area and behind the ears are stronger. The donor hair follicles here are not affected by this type of hair loss. They are very suitable for use in hair transplants. Genetic hair loss is more common in men. However, hair transplant surgery can be performed in both men and women.

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What Are Hair Transplant Types?

  • DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is a method that is highly preferred and has achieved successful results recently. In the hair transplantation process, an instrument similar to a pen and called “implanter” is used. Therefore, this method is also called “Pen technique”. Although DHI hair transplantation method, which is actually an application method, is a new method, it is preferred more commonly thanks to its successful results. However, it is better to decide hair transplant type with the patient during a consultation with hair analysis results.

  • FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplantation method, which is the abbreviation of “Follicular Unit Extraction”, is performed by extracting grafts -hair follicles- from the donor area in the back of the head, which is called follicular unit and where the hair is denser. Healthy hair follicles are collected one by one with micro motor cylinder needles from the donor area. At this stage, sensitivity is very important, because it is necessary to ensure rapid recovery without leaving any scar on the donor area after hair follicles extraction.

  • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire hair transplant method is actually the application of the FUE technique with a new generation head. In the Sapphire hair transplantation method, which is made with special sapphire tipped tools, it is very important to accelerate the process and increase the comfort of patients. Sapphire tips used in the Sapphire hair transplant method are one of the most suitable materials for use on the scalp. Sapphire tips are micro-sized and the channels where hair follicles will be placed are opened in a much smaller size accordingly and there is a minimum crusting after the procedure.

Operation Period

Before hair transplant operation, blood tests are requested from our patients. Blood test results are analyzed together with hair analysis during the first examination. If there is no problem regarding existing diseases, the operation is started.

The operation starts in the morning or at noon, depending on the average time determined for the procedure. All the hair is shaved to remain a few mm. During the hair transplantation process, the nape area must be shaved because hair follicles are collected from this area. Before collecting hair follicles, i.e. grafts, local anesthesia is applied to the relevant area and the condition of the patient feeling pain during the operation is controlled in advance.

Patient can stay in contact with the doctor without feeling any pain during the procedure. They can listen to music or watch TV while the operation is going on. After all preparations, hair follicles are started to be collected and stored in special environment until plantation. After completing hair follicle collection, these grafts are started to be transplanted. The procedure is completed with suitable heads according to the preferred hair transplant method.

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Recovery Period

You don’t have to stay at the hospital after hair transplant operation. You can go home after postoperative follow-up is completed. But you should not drive a car, and there should be anyone else accompanying you. Operation area should be paid great attention during the first 48 hours after the procedure. You should not touch this area and you should keep your head high on a pillow.

  • Alcohol and smoking are definitely not allowed for the first 3 days after operation.
  • No blood thinners should be used.
  • You should rest lying on your back on a slightly high pillow.
  • Water should be avoided in the operation area.
  • You should use the prescribed medicines regularly.
  • Direct sun exposure should be avoided after the operation.
  • You should never do sports or heavy exercises after the operation.

What Are the Risks?

There may be possible risks after hair transplant since it is actually an operation.

  • Numbness in the extraction area of hair follicles when the effect of local anesthesia does not terminate after the expected time
  • Failure to achieve a natural appearance
  • Postoperative bleeding,
  • Infection,
  • Damage on vital hairs during operation
  • Dermoid cyst formation

In order to prevent such situations after hair transplant operations, we inform our patients in detail what to pay attention to before and after the operation, and we follow-up our patients closely.

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Age Restriction

There is technically no age restriction for hair transplant surgery. In cases such as burns at an early age or accidents with deep scars, the operation can be performed regardless of age, if the physical condition of the patient is suitable. However, the age factor must definitely be evaluated for aesthetic hair loss problems.

Hair transplantation is not considered suitable before the age of 30, and it is recommended to wait and monitor the patient, especially in cases where hair loss continues. When the hair loss slows down and the hair loss area becomes definite, hair transplantation planning can be started. Otherwise, the hair treatment to be performed while hair loss continues, unfortunately, may end with shedding again.

Hair Transplant Clinics

We often come across the question of which is the best hair transplant clinic. The answer to this question is closely related to your research. Hospitals and clinics with experienced and specialist doctors should be preferred for this procedure. As a result, if you are considering undergoing an operation, you should prefer a full-fledged hospital and an experienced team. There are many clinics and experienced doctors for hair transplant procedures in Istanbul.

Free hair transplantation is not possible in terms of the technology used and the labor of the team. It is important for your health that you do not reach the wrong people while investigating such procedures.

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Bülent Kıymet
Bülent Kıymet
Mukemmel ilgili, bilgili ve deneyimli bi doktor. Meme buyutme ve liposuctionda bir numara. Cok memnunum iyi ki evren bey i tercih etmisim, ekibi de ilgili ve cana yakın bir ekip.
Ilayda Bastug
Ilayda Bastug
Evren hocam bu işin duayeni.. şiir gibi botoksuzumun şairiyle tanışmak aile boyu bizim şansımız :))) ❤️
Aysel Sahin
Aysel Sahin
Der Beste Arzt den ich in Istanbul kenne. Vor 2 Jahren hatte ich meine Bauchdeckenstraffung, Lipo und Double chin bei Ihm machen lassen. War die beste entscheidung meines lebens. Er hat mich nach der OP auch lange begleitet das Kankenhaus und sein Personal er selber natürlich auch sehr nett und gefühlvolle Menschen. Vielen Dank Dr. Evren Tevfik Isci
Sudenur Ak
Sudenur Ak
Evren beyle 6 ay önce bir ameliyat süreci geçirdik. Güler yüzü ve işini iyi yapması dolayısıyla çok memnun kaldım. Gönül rahatlığıyla gidebilirsiniz asla pişman olmayacağınız bir doktor 💫💫
Olena Celik
Olena Celik
2 місяці тому зробила маммопластику, залишилася дуже задоволена!!! Також зробила операцію з видалення врослого нігтя, лікар Эврен професіонал своєї справи. Всім раджу!!!
Aysel Tosun
Aysel Tosun
Ich habe Doktor Evren in Google ausgesucht und habe eine sehr gute Auswahl getroffen, ich habe H100 und Nasolabial Unterspritzung machen lassen ,er hat Federhände /Finger ,ich habe kein Schmerz gefühlt. Einfach Sensational! Außerdem sind alle Mitarbeiter +Doktor sehr freundlich und Hilfsbereit.
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
Not reasonable prices
Dejb Ddlj
Dejb Ddlj
Opération 10/05/2023 Il est le meilleur chirurgien: professionnel, aimable et surtout très humain! Merci Dr Evren Tevfik Sarah N
H***** E**
H***** E**
2 ay önce meme büyütme estetiği yaptırdım. Evren beyin tecrübesi ve bilgisi sayesinde çok kısa sürede toparlandım. Ağrılarım yok denecek kadar azdı ve sonuçtan çok memnun kaldım kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum.


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    15 October 2021 at 01:27

    Hello, i’m thiking about hair transplantation. how does it look like. i meean whole procedure, price etc.Kind regards

    • evrenisci
      15 October 2021 at 11:08

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