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Leg Lift Aesthetics

Sagging in the legs can occur for a variety of causes, including a loss of skin elasticity and a decline in subcutaneous fat tissue. Furthermore, as a result of losing a significant amount of weight, many women may experience loosening and sagging, particularly on the inner side of their legs. The thigh is the region of the legs between the hip and the knee, and fluctuations and sagging of the skin in this area are regarded as one of the most distressing disorders. People who desire to improve their living comfort and eliminate their cosmetic worries can now go for leg stretching aesthetic surgery.


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What is Leg Lift Aesthetics?


Loss of tension in the upper portions of the legs can occur as a result of factors such as aging, childbearing, weight gain and loss. As a result, sagging and loosening of the inner thighs may occur. Skin tension is lost, and subcutaneous adipose tissue thins; the leg skin on the inner portion of the thigh usually falls down, and piles may form at the center of the thigh or the knee. Leg stretching cosmetic surgeries are the finest alternative for removing these sagging and abnormalities.


What is the purpose of Leg Lift Aesthetics?

The leg skin, particularly in the inner thigh, may hang down from the groin due to the effects of age and gravity, the gradual loss of skin elasticity, and the decrease in subcutaneous fat tissue. Relaxation in this area can be accelerated by factors such as weight gain, inactivity, childbirth, and aging. These issues, however, can be avoided by performing leg lift cosmetic surgeries. The problem of loosening and sagging skin in the thigh area of the body is attempted to be eradicated using leg stretching beauty procedures.



Who Can benefit from Leg Lift Aesthetics?

Leg stretching aesthetics is well-known for being appropriate for anybody who has sagging and loosening of tissues, particularly in the inner thigh and buttocks, as a result of causes such as weight increase, age, and sun exposure.


What are the different Types of Leg Lift Aesthetics?

The leg stretching aesthetic Istanbul procedure aims to remove superfluous skin and lubricant from the upper and inner sides of the legs. During the procedure, it is stretched and sutured after the extra skin is removed to create a horizontal scar on the inner side of the groin in thin individuals with very little skin abundance. It is preferable to use in conjunction with liposuction in individuals with extra skin and lubricant.

Fat buildup around the knee is frequently a source of concern. Excessive lubrication happens most commonly in the inner and outer sections of the knee, and as a result of this lubrication, the aesthetic look of the legs may deteriorate. To alleviate the deformities in this location, liposuction might be used on the knee.

There may be issues in the under-knee portion such as large ankles or the entire under-knee section. To treat such difficulties, lower leg thinning might be done using liposuction.


Operation Process

The degree of drooping in the patient should be checked initially before the leg lift cosmetic procedure. The quantity of fat in the legs should be quantified, as should the sagging, and the patient should be fully informed about the incision region. Suture scars from leg stretching cosmetic procedures typically persist inside the leg and extend to the groin area. As a result, when viewed from the outside, no seam marks are visible.


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If the patient’s skin drooping is limited to the groin, the excess skin can be retrieved by creating a scar that can be hidden beneath the underwear. Leg stretching is conducted if the patient’s skin excess advances in the form of bagging from the groin to the inner middle section of the leg. In leg stretching operations, there is a vertical scar on the side of the legs, but it is not visible when seen from the front or back.

Aesthetic leg stretching procedures should be conducted in adequately equipped facilities. Leg stretching aesthetic procedures under general anesthesia take around 2 hours, and the patient is usually obliged to stay in the hospital for one night. Excess skin is removed from the groin line towards the inner face of the leg during leg lift cosmetic procedures, and the skin of the inner surface of the leg is stretched upwards before being stitched again on the groin line. In this manner, the extra fat in the region is eliminated, and the skin’s tension is maintained. If necessary, liposuction can be combined with leg stretching aesthetically in certain people..

It is possible to design intra-leg aesthetics to complete the other drooping sections of the leg in order to produce a totally faultless appearance on the legs. Sagging legs are most commonly seen on the thigh area. Because the inner top sections of the thighs have the thinnest skin, drooping may occur in these areas as a result of aging. In this scenario, specialists may advise harvesting the person’s skin from the hip and back. When combination procedures are conducted, the buttock tissue of the patient is cleared, and the skin on the front and posterior portions of the thigh is extended.


Healing Process

Although walking may be resumed about one week following leg lift cosmetic procedures, sports and strenuous physical activity should be avoided for about four weeks. Quitting smoking is also beneficial in hastening the recovery process. During the first week, the patient’s leg height should be kept at heart level while laying down and sitting. Thigh motions should be limited for 1 month following inner leg stretching surgery to prevent scar growth. Although some discomfort may be felt following leg lift cosmetic procedures, it is manageable with medicines given by the doctor. On the inner face of the leg, there is little bruising and edema. These, however, go totally a few weeks following the procedure. Although recovery time following leg lift cosmetic procedures varies from person to person, it normally takes between 7 and 10 days. Early scars may diminish over time as well.

Because leg stretching aesthetic procedures are conducted directly on the patient’s legs, the suture region should be protected and a corset should be worn for a few weeks following the surgery. Complete and consistent adherence to the doctor’s advice by the patient can directly help to the healing process. The patient may develop suture area difficulties as a result of not paying attention to suture hygiene, not resting enough, and performing heavy movements.


What are the risks?

Bleeding and delayed healing difficulties are possible in leg lift cosmetic treatments, as they are in other surgical procedures, although they are uncommon. However, it is recognized that the dangers associated with thigh lift surgery have been reduced as a result of ever-evolving medical technology. Sagging of the leg skin may develop again if the person continues to gain and lose extra weight after the leg stretching procedure and lives in an unhealthy environment.


Age Limitation

Leg stretching aesthetic surgery is one of the procedures that may be performed on individuals of all ages who have stable weight reduction, no medical risks, and realistic post-body shaping surgery goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

Leg stretching operation, which is conducted in a hospital under general anesthesia, takes between 2 to 4 hours on average. Unless there is an uncommon circumstance, patients are normally discharged the next day.

Is Pain will be Felt?

The patient feels no pain or discomfort throughout the leg stretching procedure. Although some discomfort may develop following surgery, these aches can be avoided by taking medicines as suggested by the doctor. Pain after surgery subsides within a few days.

Will the operation leave any scars?

There is no visible or extremely significant scar that may bother the patient following the leg stretching procedure. The scar that emerges after the procedure gradually fades as the skin renews itself over time.

What are the prices of Leg Lift Aesthetics?

Leg stretching is one of the procedures that has lately gained popularity in Istanbul and other major cities. It is not permissible for facilities operating under Ministry of Health clearance to display pricing on their websites. As a result, you may contact our clinic at +90 542 830 80 62 to learn more about leg lift aesthetics pricing and leg lift aesthetic operations.

Is Leg Lift Surgery a One-Time Procedure?

Contour changes in the operative region may develop as a result of age, pregnancy, and weight increase after leg stretching surgery. Sagging pockets on the skin may develop if the patient continues to lose weight following the procedure. If the weight is gained quickly, the thinning skin will be strained even more, resulting in skin splits and huge scars.

When Will I Be Able To Return To Normal Life?

Patients who can stand on the day of the operation can take a bath on the second or third day after the procedure. Patients may frequently return to work within a week of having leg lift surgery. They can resume sporting activities around a month following surgery.

What is arm lift surgery in Turkey?

As a result of natural aging processes or rapid weight loss, the skin of the arms begins to sag, which is a big problem for many people. Arm lift in Istanbul allows you to restore their attractive appearance. Arm plastic surgery in Turkey is based on the removal of unnecessary skin and fatty tissue. All cuts are located in such a way that small scars are not visible. The procedure is relatively safe and usually takes no more than two hours. Shoulder plastic surgery can be performed by people who are in good health.

Why does arm skin sag?

As a result of natural aging processes or rapid weight loss, the skin of the arms begins to sag, which is a big problem for many people. Arm lift in Istanbul allows you to restore their attractive appearance. Arm plastic surgery in Turkey is based on the removal of unnecessary skin and fatty tissue. All cuts are located in such a way that small scars are not visible. The procedure is relatively safe and usually takes no more than two hours. Shoulder plastic surgery can be performed by people who are in good health.

Will liposuction be sufficient in arm lift surgery?

Unfortunately, only liposuction is not enough to restore the former appearance of the arms. Shoulder plastic surgery in Istanbul is performed when the skin on the arms is very saggy and the excess fat stretches the skin. The doctor needs to cut sagging skin and remove excess fat. During an arm lift in Turkey, incisions will be made on the inside of the arms so that they are not visible.

Will there be any scars after arm lift surgery?

Unfortunately, scars remain after the arm lift surgery in Turkey. Scars from shoulder plastic surgery in Istanbul run along the medial part of the arm and in the armpit, so in places that are practically invisible in the normal position of the hand. As a result, blouses with straps and short sleeves can be worn freely later. Scars a year or two after an arm lift in Turkey will fade and be invisible.

What is thigh lift surgery?

Leg lifting in Istanbul is not a fat removal procedure, the excess skin sagging due to fat reduction is surgically removed. If sagging skin on the legs bothers a person, suffers from ailments such as rubbing and sweating, and also adversely affects the quality of life in terms of choosing clothes, a leg lifting procedure can be used in Turkey. After the sagging skin is removed, the legs are aesthetically modeled and taut.

How do I know if I am a suitable candidate for thigh lift surgery?

Adult women and men of all ages who are uncomfortable with sagging legs and have reached developmental age may end their discomfort with a leg lift operation in Istanbul. As a result of natural aging processes or rapid weight loss, the skin of the arms begins to sag, which is a big problem for many people. Leg lift in Istanbul allows you to restore their attractive appearance. Lg plastic surgery in Turkey is based on the removal of unnecessary skin and fatty tissue.

What other surgeries can thigh lift surgery be combined with?

Thigh lift surgery in Istanbul can be combined with many other surgeries. During Thigh lift surgery can be also perform a breast aesthetic surgery or abdominoplasty. Some patients are choosing to do thigh lift and arm lift in the same time. You can perform a few surgeries at the same time if you will decide to do thigh lift surgery in Turkey. Very ofter patients are choosing to do rhinoplasty or breast augmentation during leg lift surgery in Istanbul.

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Aysel Tosun
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I Am (IlyaFallUp)
Not reasonable prices
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Dejb Ddlj
Opération 10/05/2023 Il est le meilleur chirurgien: professionnel, aimable et surtout très humain! Merci Dr Evren Tevfik Sarah N
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