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Neck Lift Operation Details Istanbul Turkey

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What Is Neck Lift?


By the aging, wrinkling and sagging occur in the skin in the neck area. The angle between neck and chin disappears, and this sagging, which we call jowl, creates aesthetic problems. Frequent weight loss and weight gain can also cause you to experience this problem at an earlier age. If the lower chin is smaller and more regressed, loosening of the neck skin starts at an earlier age. Aesthetic surgery to solve such problems is called neck lift aesthetics. This operation, which is also called face and neck lift surgery, is the most suitable and permanent method for successful recovery of this type of sagging caused by aging and genetic factors.


Why Is Neck Lift Aesthetics Performed?

Aging symptoms that are more common in the face and neck area of women over 50 are disturbing. They create an aesthetically unpleasant appearance in the mirror. Deep wrinkles around the eye and forehead, collapses under the eye, deepening of smile lines, drooping of the edge of lips, loosening of neck muscles, and skin sagging under the chin are the most common symptoms. When these symptoms occur, we apply to face, eyelid, and neck lift aesthetics together. The results are permanent which can be explained as retreating years.


Who Are Suitable for Neck Lift Aesthetics?

Neck lift surgery is suitable for individuals when aging symptoms in the neck area make the people look older than they are. The candidates of neck lift aesthetics must be healthy, non-smoker people with healthy eating habits. Individuals who are considering having face and neck lift surgery and also suffering from neck sagging, neck wrinkles, and jowl problems can also undergo face and neck lift surgery at the same time.


What Are the Types of Neck Lift Aesthetics?

Those who had neck aesthetics may have undergone this surgery with different methods. Because everyone’s face, neck, and chin structure are different, and procedures to shape these areas will also be different. For this reason, a preliminary interview and examination with your doctor are very important before having this operation. Your requests and expectations come together with your doctor’s evaluation to determine the course of the surgery.


  • Neck Lift with Face Lift

Neck lift aesthetic operation which is applied together with a facelift is the most common type of this operation. This operation is combined with facelift surgery. In facelift surgery, incisions are made in front of and behind the ear, progressing until the midline. Neck skin is raised. The loosening here is stretched with the “corset” technique. Then, neck skin is stretched sideways and excess skin is removed from the back of the ear. This operation technique is the most effective method with the least scarring in order to get rid of excess skin and sagging in the neck area.



  • Neck Lift with Jowl Area: In this method, an incision of 3-4 cm is made under the chin. Through this incision, the skin and submuscular fat tissue under the chin are reduced. In summary, it is a procedure to shape subcutaneous muscle and fat tissues. After the operation, it is expected the neck tissue adapted to the new neck form. This technique is used in young patients, especially for young men. It is not suitable for older patients where the skin is loose and sagging.
  • Deep Neck Lift: Deep neck lift operation can be explained as an extension of facelift operation until the neck. The procedure is applied to the facial area including the neck in deep facelift aesthetics. This technique is suitable for those between the ages of 40-50 who are in the early period of facial aging, whose subcutaneous fat tissue in the neck is less, neckbands are prominent, skin surface aging is less and skin loosening is less.
  • Neck Lift with Deep Neck Shaping: During the neck lift surgery, expansion of the deep muscular structures in the neck, sagging under the chin, and fattening problems can be corrected. If these are not corrected in patients having problems in their deep neck structures, the results of neck lift surgeries will not be satisfying. However, the shaping of deep neck structures requires more comprehensive surgery and an advanced surgery experience.
  • Open Midline Neck Lift: It is a technique used in patients in the older age group with advanced sagging in the neck skin. The skin is cut and removed from the midline of the neck. Looking from the outside, a visible vertical incision remains. It is rarely used in cases where it is not possible to correct the excess neck skin and neck skin sagging with conventional techniques.
  • Endoscopic Neck Lift: During the operation, smaller incisions are made and tissues are monitored with long thin instruments and a camera. Thus, it will be an advantage to have smaller scars or no scars. However, this method is not effective enough to remove excess skin alone. It is generally used with upper face and forehead lift procedures.

Operation Period

The neck lift is performed in many different clinics in Istanbul. However, the experience and anatomy knowledge of the doctor is very valuable in these surgeries, which are very technical. You should choose a doctor and clinic by paying attention to these details.

Before neck lift surgery, blood thinners like aspirin should be stopped to eliminate the risk of possible bleeding during the operation. Smoking and alcohol should be stopped at least 3 weeks before surgery. It is important for your health to follow your doctor’s specific recommendations. The medications you use and your general health condition are evaluated during pre-interview and examinations. You can read the comments made by those who previously had a face and neck lift surgery and review the before-after photos.


Recovery Period

It is aimed to minimize scar appearance with the special stitches and dressing materials used in the operation. Surgical incisions are made along natural skin folds, so it is left behind the ear and in the scalp.

Ice application after neck lift surgery accelerates the healing process. According to the surgical technique applied, it is normal to experience numbness in the face, neck, and chin area for a few weeks. It will disappear within a few weeks.

It is recommended that you do not do heavy sports and housework for at least two weeks. Alcohol, smoking should not be allowed for several months. A steam bath and sauna should be avoided. You should definitely be protected from sunlight.

What Are the Risks?


  • Bleeding: Aspirin and similar drugs should be stopped 3 weeks before the operation in order to reduce bleeding risk. Hypertension which is not under medical control can also cause bleeding.
  • Infection: No infection is expected after these operations. Even so rare, if infection occurs, it can be treated with additional antibiotics.
  • Nerve damage: Motor and sensory nerves may be damaged during face and neck lift operation. There may be a weakness in face movements after face and neck lift operation. These damages recover over time.
  • Hair loss: Since the skin is raised upwards during the operation, hair loss can be seen.

Age Restriction

Neck lift surgery is usually suitable for patients at the age of 40 and above. So rarely, there are patients in their 30s. However, non-surgical methods are preferred for younger patients.

Prices of Neck Lift Aesthetics

Prices of neck lift or face and neck lift surgeries have changed in 2020. You can get the correct information about updated prices after being examined. Please contact us for the general price list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neck Lift?

The skin on the neck is very thin with a small amount of sebaceous glands. It quickly loses its elasticity, becomes wrinkled and slack. We have the impression that it has stretched a lot over the years, there is too much of it and therefore it gives an unsightly appearance. The plastic surgeon’s task will be to cut out its excess, which in turn will rejuvenate it, lengthen it and increase the tension of muscles and skin. Patients most often combine the neck lift procedure in Istanbul with a face lift. This combination gives the effect of spectacular rejuvenation and eliminates the disproportion in the laxity of the skin between the face and neck.

Why Neck Lift should perform in istanbul Turkey?

Turkey is a very attractive holiday destination. Many people who visit this country, in particular Istanbul, decide to change something in their appearance. Doctors in Istanbul are very well qualified and experienced in the plastic and aesthetic surgery sector. Neck lift in Istanbul is very often chosen by ladies and gentlemen who fly to this city for tourism. Very often the price offered by Turkish hospitals is lower than that offered by hospitals in other European countries.

Who is a suitable candidate for neck lift?

Neck lift surgery in Turkey is suitable for individuals when aging symptoms in the neck area make the people look older than they are. The candidates of neck lift aesthetics in Istanbul must be healthy, non-smoker people with healthy eating habits. Individuals who are considering having face and neck lift surgery in Turkey and also suffering from neck sagging, neck wrinkles, and jowl problems can also undergo face and neck lift surgery at the same time.

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Bülent Kıymet
Bülent Kıymet
Mukemmel ilgili, bilgili ve deneyimli bi doktor. Meme buyutme ve liposuctionda bir numara. Cok memnunum iyi ki evren bey i tercih etmisim, ekibi de ilgili ve cana yakın bir ekip.
Ilayda Bastug
Ilayda Bastug
Evren hocam bu işin duayeni.. şiir gibi botoksuzumun şairiyle tanışmak aile boyu bizim şansımız :))) ❤️
Aysel Sahin
Aysel Sahin
Der Beste Arzt den ich in Istanbul kenne. Vor 2 Jahren hatte ich meine Bauchdeckenstraffung, Lipo und Double chin bei Ihm machen lassen. War die beste entscheidung meines lebens. Er hat mich nach der OP auch lange begleitet das Kankenhaus und sein Personal er selber natürlich auch sehr nett und gefühlvolle Menschen. Vielen Dank Dr. Evren Tevfik Isci
Sudenur Ak
Sudenur Ak
Evren beyle 6 ay önce bir ameliyat süreci geçirdik. Güler yüzü ve işini iyi yapması dolayısıyla çok memnun kaldım. Gönül rahatlığıyla gidebilirsiniz asla pişman olmayacağınız bir doktor 💫💫
Olena Celik
Olena Celik
2 місяці тому зробила маммопластику, залишилася дуже задоволена!!! Також зробила операцію з видалення врослого нігтя, лікар Эврен професіонал своєї справи. Всім раджу!!!
Aysel Tosun
Aysel Tosun
Ich habe Doktor Evren in Google ausgesucht und habe eine sehr gute Auswahl getroffen, ich habe H100 und Nasolabial Unterspritzung machen lassen ,er hat Federhände /Finger ,ich habe kein Schmerz gefühlt. Einfach Sensational! Außerdem sind alle Mitarbeiter +Doktor sehr freundlich und Hilfsbereit.
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
Not reasonable prices
Dejb Ddlj
Dejb Ddlj
Opération 10/05/2023 Il est le meilleur chirurgien: professionnel, aimable et surtout très humain! Merci Dr Evren Tevfik Sarah N
H***** E**
H***** E**
2 ay önce meme büyütme estetiği yaptırdım. Evren beyin tecrübesi ve bilgisi sayesinde çok kısa sürede toparlandım. Ağrılarım yok denecek kadar azdı ve sonuçtan çok memnun kaldım kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum.

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