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Prominent Ear Surgery Operation Details Istanbul Turkey

7 Days

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General Anesthesia

6 Weeks

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What Is Prominent Ear Aesthetics?


Prominent ear surgery is basically changing the shape of the ear. Changing the shape of the ear is not just that the ears that we call prominent ears are open. The angle of the ear with the head may be wider than it should be, and there may be problems with the folds in the upper half of the ear, and the ear looks straight as if ironed. Because of these two reasons, prominent ear surgery is required.


Why Is Prominent Ear Aesthetics Performed?

There may be different problems in the ears. Even the problem in each ear may be different. Therefore, we can specify two reasons for this operation:


  • If the angle between ear and head is wide and ears look open when looking from the backside,
  • If the ears look flat due to the lack of folds in the upper half of the ear.

This aesthetic problem in the ears affects people’s psychology negatively from childhood and can cause psychological problems, especially in childhood, which can affect the future lives of these people. Therefore, the earlier the surgery is performed, the more beneficial it will be. This problem will be eliminated directly.


Who Is Suitable for Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

Prominent ear surgery is perhaps the only plastic surgery that can be applied at the youngest ages. Even children of primary school age can undergo this surgery. The reason is that this problem negatively affects the childhood period. This surgery can be performed at the earliest age before causing these problems. However, their psychological condition should be appropriate for this surgery and they want to have this surgery.


kepçe kulak estetiği

The main issue here is that the child should want to have this surgery. As an aesthetic surgeon, I am in favor of meeting with children and talk to them before the operation. I clearly explain how this surgery will be, what to pay attention to afterward, and how it will make you feel. If the child is still willing to have this surgery after learning the details, then I start planning the surgery. I do not want the child to accept this surgery by the influence of parents. This is a really difficult situation in our country.

Prominent ear aesthetics can be performed starting from the 6 years of age when ear development is completed. However, patients mostly come to us after the age of 18, unfortunately. Operation decision is delayed since children cannot make their own decisions at an early age and parents have some worries about the surgery. Postoperative results will be incredible for those who are fed up with the psychological trauma caused by this problem.



How Is Prominent Ear Aesthetics Performed?

Prominent ear aesthetics at earlier ages is definitely performed under general anesthesia. At advanced ages, it can be performed under local anesthesia optionally using sedative drugs. The operation takes about 1.5 hours.

Prominent ear aesthetic surgery, which is not classified as a serious plastic surgery operation, should be performed under hospital conditions by a specialist plastic surgeon. Considering the age of the patient, it is decided whether to apply local or general anesthesia.

Although it changes according to the degree of the problem in the ears, the operation is usually completed within 45-90 minutes. There is no need to stay in the hospital after general supervision is completed.

Considering the main reason for the problem, ear cartilages are shaped as needed and the ear is reshaped backward. At the end of the operation, special tapes are attached to the ear for 1-2 weeks. Incisions applied during the surgery usually remain behind the ear and do not leave an aesthetic scar.

The recovery period after prominent ear surgery, which can be performed quite simply and quickly, lasts for a maximum of 1-2 weeks. At the end of this period, prominent ear appearance completely disappears.

Prominent ear aesthetics are applied using threads for patients who worry about the surgery and cannot take the risk. Those who have asymmetry problems in their ears and prominence of earlap prefer this surgery. This aesthetic operation is performed under local anesthesia and preferred by also older patients.


What to Pay Attention During Recovery Period After the Operation

The dressing is changed and a hairband is dressed so as to cover the entire ear but not tighten too much, the next day after the operation. This tape should be worn permanently for about 3 weeks. In this way, the burden on stitches preventing the cartilage from turning its former shape is significantly reduced. The cartilage should become harder and heal in its new position. The hairband is used to reduce edema in the first days after ear surgery, to reduce swelling more quickly, and to prevent the ear from rubbing to the pillow while sleeping.

It is normal to have numbness in the ear for several weeks. During this period, hair drying should definitely be avoided.


What Are the Risks of Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

Prominent ear aesthetic surgery is an easy surgical operation. However, there is a bleeding risk as in any operation. But, since there is no serious vessel in the ear, this bleeding can be experienced as blood accumulation, which we call “hematoma”. However, the probability is also very low.

An important complication that we worry about is infection. Ear cartilage is hardly inflamed, but if there is some kind of inflammation, it progresses rapidly and creates a scar that can distort the ear shape


Another aesthetic problem is asymmetry. Many patients may already have some asymmetry before the operation, but they may also end up with asymmetric ears after the operation to which they start with symmetric ears. For this reason, you should choose a plastic and aesthetic surgeon who is expert and experienced in his job.

Another problem can be experienced as the ears getting too close to the head. In short, it means that the ears have been flattened more than necessary. A surgeon who is an expert in this field will not cause you to have such a problem.

There is considerable patient potential in Istanbul for prominent ear surgery. As you have researched, there are many surgeons and hospitals in Istanbul. You should definitely do your research to find the right one for you. You should come to the decision stage by reading the comments of those who have had prominent ear surgery before, not according to the price.


Prices of Prominent Ear Operation in 2024

Prominent ear surgery prices are determined by the details you will investigate from the moment you start thinking about this surgery in 2024. Whether it’s for your child or yourself, you should definitely choose an experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeon in reliable hospitals, which is convenient for your budget.

Prominent ear prices in Istanbul changes depending on whether one or two ears to be intervened, the presence of additional problems such as earlobe problems, and the anesthesia technique. An adult can have an ear operation under local anesthesia at a hospital but the child should have general anesthesia. This is an important factor in changing the prices of prominent ear surgery. You can call us to get more information about the prices.

I would like to give information about free options as well in Istanbul for prominent ear surgery. The prices of prominent ear aesthetics for children and young patients under the age of 18 can be made free of charge in the state hospital under Social Security Institution. Here again, your doctor is very important.

Again, as a technique, the price of prominent ear surgery with threads will definitely be different in 2024. When you prefer a specialist who uses this technique, you can find out the prices during the preoperative examination.

Is it possible to correct a prominent ear without surgery?

Depending on the patient’s age, prominent ear therapy can be done surgically or non-surgically. At birth, ear cartilage is flexible and soft. It is therefore possible to remodel it without undergoing surgery. As the cartilage becomes hard, corrective ear surgery, or Otoplasty, becomes the best therapeutic option. As a result, early intervention is critical for treating the auricle deformity without surgery.

If a noticeable ear abnormality is discovered within the first few weeks of life, it can be rectified by shaping the ear. As a result, surgery is no longer required. Babies’ delicate and flexible ear cartilage allows for good outcomes using a non-surgical shaping device.

The prominent ear, which is generated by the congenital forward growth of the ear cartilage tissue, can be visible unilaterally at times. Being teased, particularly throughout infancy and adolescence, can lead to major psychological issues in certain people. To eliminate such issues, prominent ear surgery might be used.

When Does a Baby’s Ear Cartilage Harden?

After about 7-8 weeks, the cartilage in a baby’s ear begins to stiffen. Premature kids, whose ear cartilage remains soft for a longer amount of time, may experience a delay in this process. The estrogen hormone, which is still flowing in the newborn due to the mother, is the reason why the ear cartilage remains soft. Around 6 weeks after delivery, estrogen levels start to diminish.

The prominent ear issue in neonates can be remedied by utilizing prominent ear bands in the first three months after birth because to the transient soft nature of the ear cartilage. It is suggested that prominent ear bands be used as soon as the prominent ear issue is discovered during the first three days of the baby’s birth. It is not feasible to cure prominent ear deformity in neonates once the first trimester is completed by utilizing prominent ear bands.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is protruding ear surgery?

Protruding ear surgery in Turkey is basically changing the shape of the ear. Changing the shape of the ear is not just that the ears that we call prominent ears are open. The angle of the ear with the head may be wider than it should be, and there may be problems with the folds in the upper half of the ear, and the ear looks straight as if ironed. Because of these two reasons, prominent ear surgery is required.

How much does it cost to fix protruding ears?

The cost of a protruding ear surgery in Turkey depends on many factors. One of them is the choice of the clinic / hospital where the procedure will be performed. Some of Istanbul’s protruding ear surgery hospitals are at the level of five-star hotels. Another factor is the qualification of the Istanbul surgeon who will perform the surgery on the protruding ear. A surgeon with higher education and many years of experience will give you a different amount than a doctor who has just graduated. There is no single amount that can be given. It is best to contact the clinics directly and ask for details.

Who is suitable for protruding ear surgery?

Surgery for a protruding ear in Istanbul is perhaps the only plastic surgery that can be used at an early age. Even school children can undergo this operation. The reason is that this problem negatively affects childhood. This operation can be performed at an early age before these problems develop. However, their mental state should be appropriate for this surgery and they want to have this surgery.

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I Am (IlyaFallUp)
Not reasonable prices
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Dejb Ddlj
Opération 10/05/2023 Il est le meilleur chirurgien: professionnel, aimable et surtout très humain! Merci Dr Evren Tevfik Sarah N
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