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What is PRP Aesthetics?

PRP aesthetics, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, is an aesthetic technique that involves infusing the person’s own blood through particular processes and injecting the tissues to be treated in the body. It is particularly useful for cosmetic issues such as hair loss and skin renewal. Individuals, particularly athletes, utilize it to speed up the recovery of damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.

PRP, which stands for ‘Platelet Rich Plasma,’ is a highly recommended therapy since it uses the patient’s own blood. Platelet-enriched plasma is a blood component that contains platelets, which are unique cells and proteins that aid in blood clotting.

Injecting PRP into injured tissues stimulates the formation of new and healthy cells in the body, hence promoting tissue recovery.


What is the purpose of PRP Aesthetics?

PRP aesthetics is used to enhance tissue repair and minimize inflammation. PRP injections are utilized for a variety of important reasons, including hair growth, skin rejuvenation, and expediting soft tissue recovery. Platelet activation is vital in the natural healing process, and PRP may be used to inject a significant volume of platelet into the targeted location.

There are no adverse effects since it is administered with this chemical derived from the person’s own blood as a consequence of unique methods. This raises the need for PRP aesthetics.




What Are the different Types of PRP Aesthetics?

PRP aesthetics can be used in a variety of applications. Hair loss and skin regeneration are two important ones in the world of aesthetics.


  •  Hair loss: PRP injections into the scalp are highly recommended for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. PRP is a hair therapy that is particularly successful in treating male pattern baldness. Successful outcomes are observed, particularly in cases of genetically linked hair loss in men. PRP can also be used in conjunction with hair MESOTHERAPY.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: The indications of age that appear on the skin as a result of aging and environmental factors are addressed with injections produced within the scope of PRP aesthetics. This treatment has highly favorable results for the skin in a short period of time, such as an improvement in skin elasticity and a decrease in wrinkles. Scars on the skin can also be removed with PRP.

Operation Process

Injections for PRP aesthetics should be performed by qualified specialist doctors who have received particular training in this area. PRP entails several processes, each of which is critical. The following actions are taken to apply for PRP:


  • Blood is drawn from a vein in the patient. The volume of blood drawn is determined by the location of the PRP injection. It is found to be roughly 20 milliliters if it is taken for injection into the scalp for hair loss.
  • Blood is drawn in a sterile atmosphere and deposited in a sterile centrifuge equipment. A centrifuge device is a laboratory instrument used to separate blood components. The parsing procedure takes around 15 minutes. Platelets are entirely separated from other blood components during this procedure.
  • The separated plasma is then prepared for injection. After determining the injection site, the prepared PRP is injected into the predefined and demarcated location.


How is PRP Hair Treatment Performed?

Hair loss of 100-150 strands per day is now considered normal. When it is more than that, it indicates that hair loss has progressed to the point where it should be handled seriously. PRP also enables us to get positive outcomes in hair treatment. PRP aesthetic injections will nourish and promote hair follicle growth. This procedure is quite successful, particularly in genetic spillage. When combination treatment with hair MESOTHERAPY is used, the success rate increases.

10 cc of the patient’s blood is drawn for the PRP application for hair. The centrifuged blood is separated into two parts: white blood and red blood. After undergoing a particular procedure, the red blood is pumped into the diluted region. Tissue regeneration is at the heart of this application. PRP hair treatment lasts 30 minutes. There is no discomfort during application as long as it lasts.


prp estetiği



How long does it take for PRP hair treatment?

PRP hair treatment is applied every 15 days for a maximum of 30 minutes. It takes around 3-4 months. After then, it is only need to apply once a year as a supplement. The primary benefit of this method is that the special plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood, so there is no risk of allergy


How is the PRP skin rejuvenation method used?

Skin aging occurs as a result of the skin losing some of its characteristics. The structure that can repair skin injury the most effectively, quickly, and naturally is made from the person’s own blood. PRP skin rejuvenation can be used on several regions of the body, including the face, neck, décolleté, upper hands, inner thighs, and arms.


How many sessions does the PRP skin rejuvenation method require?

PRP aesthetics, which promote rejuvenation by injecting the person’s own blood into his own body, can endure for 3-4 sessions, with a 2 to 4 week average. From the first session, the skin’s dry and lifeless look improves thanks to PRP. The bee clearly shows a reduction of wrinkles and an enhancement in skin suppleness. PRP aesthetics should be readily considered in order to slow down the aging process without having to wait for indicators of age to appear.

What are the risks?

Because of the injection into the skin, PRP aesthetics has potential negative effects. Because PRP is made from blood drawn directly from the patient’s body, the risk of an allergic response is quite minimal. However, there are potential hazards from the injection itself:


  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Pain at injection site
  • Bleeding
  • Tissue damage

When Does PRP Take Effect?

Because phthalates are required to activate growth factors, there is no instant change following PRP aesthetic injections. As a result, you will notice that the region reacts faster or that more hair grows on the scalp than predicted after a few weeks of use.


Hospitals Offering PRP Treatment

PRP therapy is available at a number of hospitals in Istanbul. You may also look for PRP hospitals in Istanbul, Anatolian and European sides. Detailed information may be obtained by contacting a variety of professionals and hospitals. What you should keep in mind here is that there is an experienced aesthetic doctor who is easy to contact and a specialist in his profession. You should consider if the facility where the PRP therapy will be administered is appropriate for this technique, whether the kits used are personal, and the comments and impressions of previous patients. You can achieve several various treatment campaigns like a PRP campaign Istanbul. However, because your goal is your health, it is advised that you strive to find the most accurate, rather than the cheapest, solution.

 PRP Aesthetics Prices

The cost of PRP aesthetic treatments is also dependent to the number of treatments and sessions that will be conducted on the patient. In terms of cost, the doctor who will do this process, the facility where the application will be made, and the equipment and materials to be utilized all play a role. Because each person’s actions are unique, the price offered to a friend will never be the same as the price quoted to you.The cost of PRP face rejuvenation is dependent on the session and the patient’s demands. Prices for PRP hair treatments have been recalculated for 2020. To obtain all types of information, visit your doctor, be examined, and learn the rates in this manner.



PRP prices may vary depending on factors such as the area to be treated, the nature of the treatment, and the number of sessions of PRP treatment required. Prices for the PRP process applied to the face and the PRP procedure performed to the hair or hand may differ. As a result, PRP therapy should be arranged for the individual after considering criteria such as the patient’s skin structure, requirements, age, and lifestyle, and pricing information should be communicated at this time. Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to publish price information on our website; nevertheless, if you want more information, please contact us.


PRP is a very successful medical cosmetic therapy that may be used to rejuvenate the skin. It is preferable to remove sagging, wrinkles, and loosening of skin tissue due to aging through cell regeneration. People with weak and sparse hair may prefer the PRP therapy to make their hair healthier and stronger. PRP is one of the most often used medical aesthetic procedures because it achieves good effects in skin regeneration and hair loss.


PRP therapy is often utilized in hair treatment and aesthetics. Aside from these, it is a common procedure in wound therapy, orthopedics, spot treatment, and skin rejuvenation. PRP, which is made up of cells, revitalizes and regenerates the application area. As a result, it is increasingly being employed as a therapy in a variety of settings. The PRP technique can produce effective outcomes for skin imperfections, discolouration, and skin blemishes. Revitalization of the scalp can be done with PRP hair therapy. Dead hair cells can be resurrected in this manner, and lost hair can be regenerated.


PRP therapy is often administered in 6 or 8 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart. The number of sessions required for the application may vary depending on the individual’s demands and the nature of the therapy. If the PRP process is judged appropriate for the individual, it can be repeated once a year to preserve the impact gained after the PRP cure is done. The skin may be given a bright and energetic appearance with the PRP therapy used for skin rejuvenation. Wrinkles on the skin can be entirely erased at the same time.


To enhance the benefits of PRP treatments, which are typically done at 2-week intervals, it is preferable to execute them during the winter season’s entry and exit phases. Because the benefits of medical aesthetic applications may diminish over the summer months, 2 sessions can be conducted towards the end of summer, that is, in September-October, with a 2 week gap, and 2 to 4 sessions can be applied in March-April, before entering the summer.


In the treatment of injuries and overloads of the musculoskeletal system, we use PRP and platelet-rich plasma. It is a platelet concentrate obtained from the patient’s blood using an appropriate separation kit. In recent years, PRP has been used in many fields of medicine. In orthopedics, it has proven effectiveness in treating tendinopathy, muscle damage, bone union disorders and in the regeneration of hair follicles. In the case of PRP in Istanbul, the platelet membrane proteins are important, as they have the most growth factors among all blood cell lines.


The PRP treatment for hair loss in Istanbul begins with the collection of a small amount of blood from the patient’s body. Then, the separation and concentration of the platelet suspension in the centrifuge takes place in order to obtain their concentration exceeding the concentration of platelets in the peripheral blood several times to a dozen or so times. The sample prepared in this way is injected into the patients’s scalp. The procedure takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.


The cost of a PRP treatment in Turkey depends on many factors. One of them is the choice of the clinic / hospital where the procedure will be performed. Some of Istanbul’s hospitals are at the level of five-star hotels. Another factor is the qualification of the Istanbul surgeon who will perform the PRP treatment. A surgeon with higher education and many years of experience will give you a different amount than a doctor who has just graduated. There is no single amount that can be given. It is best to contact the clinics directly and ask for details.


Turkey is a very attractive holiday destination. Many people who visit this country, in particular Istanbul, decide to change something in their appearance. Doctors in Istanbul are very well qualified and experienced in the plastic and aesthetic surgery sector. Brazilian Butt Lift in Istanbul is very often chosen by ladies who fly to this city for tourism. Very often the price offered by Turkish hospitals is lower than that offered by hospitals in other European countries.

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Bülent Kıymet
Bülent Kıymet
Mukemmel ilgili, bilgili ve deneyimli bi doktor. Meme buyutme ve liposuctionda bir numara. Cok memnunum iyi ki evren bey i tercih etmisim, ekibi de ilgili ve cana yakın bir ekip.
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Aysel Sahin
Der Beste Arzt den ich in Istanbul kenne. Vor 2 Jahren hatte ich meine Bauchdeckenstraffung, Lipo und Double chin bei Ihm machen lassen. War die beste entscheidung meines lebens. Er hat mich nach der OP auch lange begleitet das Kankenhaus und sein Personal er selber natürlich auch sehr nett und gefühlvolle Menschen. Vielen Dank Dr. Evren Tevfik Isci
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Sudenur Ak
Evren beyle 6 ay önce bir ameliyat süreci geçirdik. Güler yüzü ve işini iyi yapması dolayısıyla çok memnun kaldım. Gönül rahatlığıyla gidebilirsiniz asla pişman olmayacağınız bir doktor 💫💫
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Olena Celik
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Aysel Tosun
Ich habe Doktor Evren in Google ausgesucht und habe eine sehr gute Auswahl getroffen, ich habe H100 und Nasolabial Unterspritzung machen lassen ,er hat Federhände /Finger ,ich habe kein Schmerz gefühlt. Einfach Sensational! Außerdem sind alle Mitarbeiter +Doktor sehr freundlich und Hilfsbereit.
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
I Am (IlyaFallUp)
Not reasonable prices
Dejb Ddlj
Dejb Ddlj
Opération 10/05/2023 Il est le meilleur chirurgien: professionnel, aimable et surtout très humain! Merci Dr Evren Tevfik Sarah N
H***** E**
H***** E**
2 ay önce meme büyütme estetiği yaptırdım. Evren beyin tecrübesi ve bilgisi sayesinde çok kısa sürede toparlandım. Ağrılarım yok denecek kadar azdı ve sonuçtan çok memnun kaldım kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum.


  1. Bismark Sarbah
    19 October 2022 at 22:21


    Can you please tell me how much Mesotherapy plus PRP treatment cost.
    I a thinking of coming to turkey to get this.

    My email is [email protected]

    • Op. Dr. Evren Tevfik İşçi
      27 January 2023 at 01:48

      You can contact us via Whatsapp.
      Whatsapp number: 05448308062

  2. Rachel
    26 January 2023 at 06:26

    Interested in a Prp facial.

    • Op. Dr. Evren Tevfik İşçi
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      You can contact us via Whatsapp. Whatsapp number: 05448308062

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