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how to donate stem cells
  • by Op. Dr. Evren Tevfik İşçi
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how to donate stem cells

Stem cells are able to self-renew throughout life and transform into different, fully adult cells. Stem cells can differentiate into the successor cells when needed, and enable the development, maturation and proliferation of cells. 

Hematopoietic stem cells, which are adult stem cells, are able to transform into all blood cells. They can be obtained from bone marrow, blood, or umbilical cord. They must be frozen under suitable conditions in order to maintain their vitality. When administered intravenously, they settle in the bone marrow and initiate the process of hematopoiesis, which means the formation of blood cells. 

HLA shows how well a person’s tissue fits another person, and HLA tissue type is inherited. A person’s siblings or even his/her twin is the person with the highest probability of matching. If no match is found within the family, the screening process is started among non-relatives. The match of the HLA tissue type is decisive in determining whether a stem cell donor is compatible with the person. Getting the best transplant result depends on a high HLA match between the donor and the patient. 

The stem cell therapy may be used in lymphoma, bone marrow cancers, cancers in various organs, hereditary anemia, hereditary metabolic diseases, immune deficiency, and conditions where the bone marrow does not work or works insufficiently.  Stem cell donors should be between 18 and 50 years old and healthy. The donor should not have a medical history of hepatitis B, hepatitis C or syphilis, should not have a chronic disease, and has not been diagnosed with cancer or HIV.

Stem Cell Therapy Is Also Used in Skin Rejuvenation

stem cell therapy Is also used in skin rejuvenation

Over time, the number of cells decreases and they become less quality due to aging. The best quality cell types selected with stem cell therapy are reproduced and skin rejuvenation is provided by treating the worn area. There are various types of stem cells such as stem cells found in fat, Fibroblast stem cells found behind the ear, stem cells found in cartilage, stem cells found in blood and stem cells found in hair. Today, stem cell therapy is mostly applied in the face. 

For stem cell therapy, the area where the stem cell will be taken is determined first. The best cells are selected after the small biopsies taken are examined in the laboratory. Proliferation of the found cell is ensured and it is prepared in such a way that 40-50 million cells can be transplanted in each session. Several sessions may take place according to the patient’s needs.  It is recommended to complete the stem cell therapy in maximum 3 sessions.  By transferring substances enriched with stem cells to the face, both wrinkles are removed and the skin becomes more taut and bright. 

With stem cell therapy applied to the face, wrinkles, lines and loosening of the skin, which appear with the decrease of collagen and elastin due to aging, can be reduced. Spots and acne scars can also be removed. Spots, sagging and wrinkles caused by the loss of skin and subcutaneous tissue due to aging in the neck, jowl and décolleté area can be treated. In the hand, stem cell therapy can be used to remove the vascular appearance and spots that appear as a result of the decrease in subcutaneous tissue and loosening of the skin over time.

Stem cells repair the area where they are injected and also play an effective role in removing acne scars and post-scar marks. Stem cell therapy can be used to speed up the healing process in tissue injuries caused by wounding. Stem cell therapy is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation methods and is able to brighten the skin, renew cells, increase collagen production and skin elasticity. 


Op. Dr. Evren Tevfik İşçi

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