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liposuction hangi bölgelere uygulanır
  • by Op. Dr. Evren Tevfik İşçi
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liposuction hangi bölgelere uygulanır

Liposuction, a procedure for both men and women, can be applied many different areas such as the abdomen, the upper parts of the arms, hips, knees, inside and outside of the thighs, ankles and neck.

Liposuction is a suitable method to eliminate the resistant fat depositions in the bodies of people who have resistant fat depositions in their body, who cannot get results with regular exercise and diet, and who have an ideal or almost ideal weight. Also, if deemed necessary, it can be applied in combinate with some cosmetic surgical procedures like abdominoplasty and breast augmentation.

However, liposuction is not at all a method to lose weight. Liposuction, which is a cosmetic surgery, is done to reshape the body. Liposuction which allows the fat in the area of application to be removed permanently is a procedure that can be done with different methods.

Wet (Tumescent) Technical Liposuction

In this procedure, the goal is to inject intravenous liquids into the area of application to numb the area and reduce the risk of excessive bleeding. Because the tissue in the area of application will swell up and get hard, the fat will be removed more easily. After the injection of the solution, small incisions are made and the cannulas connected to a vacuum machine are placed under the skin. The excess fats are suctioned by moving the cannula forward and backward.

Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction

This procedure where the fat cells are liquefied before being removed is an alternative to classic liposuction. After the area of application is injected with a solution containing anesthetic substances, the fat cells are broken down using Vaser ultrasonic probes. The vibration that is applied makes the fat cells to separate, disintegrate and the liquid infused into the area of application to be emulsified. The liquid and the fat cells are removed using a small cannula. Because the fat tissue in the area of application is liberated from the ligament surrounding it with the help of ultrasound waves in this method, the patient will have a tighter and smoother skin.

Laser Liposuction

With this method, the fat in the area of application is liquified using laser energy. Then, it is taken out using a fine cannula. Because the heat applied to break down the fat tissue tightens the existing tissues, it is an advantageous method. It is a procedure that is done with the liposuction lasers which are specially designed to protect the muscular and neural tissue, targeting only the fat tissue. Its use is usually preferred in smaller treatment areas like under the chin, the inside of the arm. The fats that are broken down with the laser energy are then metabolically excreted via the kidneys and the liver.

Before and After Liposuction

liposuction öncesi ve sonrası

Liposuction is a pretty effective procedure, and it is really important to pay attention to some points before and after the surgery to get the most effective results. Liposuction must be done by an experienced surgeon who is an expert in the field. The patient should have a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. Also taking blood thinning medications and smoking should be quit 2 weeks before the application.

As liposuction is a procedure that is done under anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain or aches during the application. Small incisions might be made during the application, depending on the method being used. But there is almost no possibility for these incisions to have scars since they are extremely minimal. However, there might be some differences depending on the person’s skin structure.

The body develops a natural response to fill the treated area with fluid after the liposuction procedure. Wearing a compression clothing for the recommended duration not only allows reduce the pain and swelling from the operation, but also contributes to the body in taking its new shape.

The patient should drink a lot of water after the application. Since the body will be swollen for several days, lots of liquid is needed to prevent dehydration. Calorie intake should be limited for the result obtained from liposuction is long-lasting and permanent. Even though the fat cells in the areas of application are removed permanently, the fat cells can expand.

One should not stay immobile during the early recovery period after the surgery. Going on low tempo walks might help reduce the risk of embolism. However, there should not be tiring exercises for the first 4 weeks.

The swelling in the body is expected to subside gradually within the first few weeks after liposuction. There is a slow tightening in the skin within several months. Several months are necessary to see the final results.

Liposuction is a method that can be applied for males as well as women. Men have different structural properties compared to women, and men get internal fat deposition more frequently. Although it is not possible to apply liposuction on the abdominal fat depositions, the subcutaneous fat tissue can be removed with liposuction from men whose abdominal muscles and abdominal wall are in good condition, who do not have muscle separation and who have lower intraabdominal fat ratio. Also, the liposuction application can also be done for men to get an abdomen that looks more shaped.


Op. Dr. Evren Tevfik İşçi

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